Attorney Cameron attended Quinnipiac University Law School, graduating in the 26th percentile.  He was admitted to the bar in 2001 as a second career. Since 2000, he has owned residential units in two condominium complexes. His wife, Pam Levin Cameron, is a noted plaintiff's personal injury lawyer with Moore O'Brien Yelenak and Foti in Cheshire.
        Attorney Cameron  has practiced condominium law for 7 years from his condominium home-office. He began by working with his board to end their declarant's oppressive and unlawful practice of renting garage units on the premises to the general public- a practice that the declarant  had conducted successfully for years by threatening  litigation if the association took steps in opposition.  The board consulted lawyers who quoted unaffordable fees with no sensible strategy.   Attorney Cameron studied zoning regulations and discovered that garage units, as accessory structures, must be used by condominium residents only. He enlisted the help of the  town's zoning enforcement officer who promptly issued a Cease and Desist Order. Meanwhile, the association brought the declarant to a hearing and began fining it for not complying with local laws. Under the town's supervision, the declarant's garage tenants soon vacated. Ultimately, Attorney Cameron brought a foreclosure action against the declarant's 43 garage units after the declarant refused to pay the fines to the association. The declarant settled the foreclosure suit rather than forfeit its garages, and the association netted $14,000.00 in unpaid fines, after fees and costs. 
       As a solo practitioner with low overhead,  Attorney Cameron typically charges $165.00 per hour for his work.   As a condominium association member, he appreciates the volunteer spirit of neighbors working together for common interest communities - while at the same time realizing that harmony is not always possible.  Associations and owners need not pay steep fees for high quality legal work. Contact Attorney Cameron today to see what he can do for you. 
       Attorney Cameron has a background in urban community development, non profit board membership, and educational counseling. 


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Attorney Cameron focuses on condominium law.  He can also assist  with contractual disputes,  landlord and tenant issues, collections,  foreclosure  and  criminal matters.


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To help associations  and unit owners with legal needs, to address legally related issues in any aspect of association affairs, and to achieve solutions best suited for efficient operation and well being of the common interest community.



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